Ein Herz für Kinder kämpft gegen Kinderarmut in Deutschland

BILD hilft e.V. „Ein Herz für Kinder"

"We barge in where children need help." Ein Herz für Kinder was founded in 1978 by the publisher Axel Springer as a campaign for more road safety and soon became an internationally active aid organisation.

"Sports for all" in Bangladesch - Boost the development and equal rights of children with sports

"Sports for all" in Bangladesh

Support the development and equality of disabled children with sports

Handicap International supports the participation of children and youths with disabilities in sports in order to improve their development. In this way, the young people get a chance to be integrated to society.



Sharing is Caring

#NANDINI kommt aus dem Indischen und bedeutet: Freude bringen. Der Name ist Programm, denn das Projekt kümmert sich um Herzensangelegenheiten und unterstützt deutschlandweit gemeinnützige Einrichtungen, wie Vereine, Stiftungen und Hilfsorganisationen.



Unterstützung für die verunglückte Bahnradfahrerin Kristina Vogel

Jeder Sportfan kann mit großen oder kleinen Spenden in den Fonds einzahlen und Kristina Vogel direkt unterstützen. Die Gelder werden ausschließlich für anstehende Investitionen eingesetzt und um ihre Zukunft abzusichern.

Support for families with disbled or seriously ill children

1. FC Köln Foundation

Projects helping to catch up social disadvantages

The foundation of the football club 1. FC Köln focusses on the four main fields education, fairplay, health and tolerance. It supports projects for children and youths in the Rhine river area that help to catch up social disadvantages.

Felix Burda Foundation: battle against bowel cancer

Aid Fund Bowel Cancer

The Felix Burda Foundation is devoted to the prevention of bowel cancer

In an early stage, bowel cancer does not cause discomforts, so that only a regular preventive care can protect from this disease from which only in Germany, 26,000 people die on every year. The Felix Burda Foundation is the most known charitable institution in this area.

The project ensures the medical care and clarifies about HIV and AIDS

AIDS awareness project in South Africa

With education and enlightenment against HIV and AIDS

The HIV/AIDS infection rate in the east of South Africa is almost at 40 per cent and thus the highest in the whole country: AIDS especially affects the working generation. The Kindernothilfe boosts a project offering a new home to more than 2,400 affected grils and boys.

Empowerment von Jugendlichen

AKOMA Education & Culture

Empowerment of youths

AKOMA Education & Culture was founded in 2014 and develops and realises cultural and political education projects for children and youths.

Aktion Deutschland Hilft

Aktion Deutschland Hilft

Refugees in Germany

In 2014, about 200,000 people asked for asylum in Germany. According to current estimations, a total of 800,000 applications for asylum will be made. People hope for a better life in Germany when fleeing from war, persecution and other threats.