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1. FC Köln Foundation

Support for families with disbled or seriously ill children

The 1. FC Köln Foundation supports projects projects realised by reliable, experienced partners. People in the Rhineland are in the focus, no matter if they were born there or if they came as refugees. That the 1. FC Köln as a football club stands behind this commitment is also shown by the involvement of the football professionals. For each project, there are two players who represent it in the public. Besides campaigning for a real welcome culture in Cologne, four subjects are in the focus of the foundation's work.

Children and youths from families with a poor educational background have fewer possiblities and educational chances than peers. Scholar offers often are not enough to compensate. This is why the 1. FC Köln Foundation and its partner projects support children and youths in the region with extra lessons and in their reading competency. Furthermore, youths are accompanied during their first steps into vocational life. With its projects, the foundation does not only help for a short time, but supports children and youths continually following the principle of helping them to help themselves.

Miserably, ostracism, discrimination and violence are the daily life of many youths. Violence often comes from a missing social competency. In order to learn this competency at an early age, the 1. FC Köln foundation supports diverse projects and especially cares for prevention of violence, particularly among youths playing football.

Too many children and youths lack sports and physical activity. This leads to frustration, learning disabilities, motoric deficits and weight problems. The 1. FC Köln Foundation supports different projects fighting against this lack. The link to the 1. FC Köln is particularly motivating for many participants.

The 1. FC Köln stands, with its values, for integration and inclusion and reflects tolerance and respect. Racism and intolerant attitudes do not have room in the surroundings of the 1. FC Köln and in society. The 1. FC Köln Foundation speaks up for a welcome culture and an open-minded living together. Another focus of the foundation is the boost of projects supporting inclusion and integration in football.