United Charity is a non-profit organisation based in Baden-Baden. More importantly, it is Europe's largest charity auction portal, hosting up to 300 auctions a day and having raised donations totalling more than €8.6 million. On our web platform  - www.unitedcharity.de - we auction off unique items and experiences that are generally not available to buy. All the money we raise, i.e. 100% of the proceeds from our auctions or donations, goes towards supporting children's aid projects across Germany or internationally. United Charity was founded on 1 December 2009 by Dagmar and Karlheinz Kögel and now collaborates with more than 200 well-known aid organisations.


Our objective


Today, more than 2.5 million children in Germany – around 1 in 5 kids under the age of 18 – are living in poverty. Moreover, the steady decline in this situation in recent years has increasingly stretched funding, creating ever bigger shortfalls for children's aid projects. Our objective is to use United Charity's auctions to close these gaps in funding and thus help to alleviate the plight of children both here in Germany and around the world.


United Charity steps in wherever donations are urgently required, usually to help children, e.g. from socially deprived backgrounds, suffering serious or life-threatening illnesses or facing some kind of acute emergency. We deliberately opted not to choose one main cause to support, because selecting which aid projects to support enables us to react flexibly to current societal, environmental and political developments anywhere in the world. As the entire proceeds go straight to charities, United Charity cannot offer support to individuals.

Our vision

United Charity wants to see a world without suffering for children, the weakest group in society. Policymakers, businesses and society in general will have to take bold, determined steps if this vision is to be realised. Because children will only be able to face their lives with optimism and self-confidence if key decisions are made to enable this.

How our auctions help:

This is how the auction proceeds are put to use. United Charity passes on 100 percent of the proceeds to the children’s charity projects:

Important pacemaker research

Important pacemaker research

Your proceeds for the Stiftung KinderHerz currently support the research for a BioPacer. These biomedical implants shall adapt to the children's size and tissue-engineered from autologous cells. The number of surgeries would be reduced, as well as the repulsion rik and the susceptibility to infection.

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Laboratory tool for the children's cancer centre in Mayence

Laboratory tool for the children's cancer centre

Also with your proceeds for the Sophia Kallinowsky foundation, an important tool for the examination of cancer cells has been funded for the children's cancer centre in Mayence. The tool is able to test the effect of different essences in real-time and shall help to find therapy drugs faster.

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Toys for the Arche Herne

Toys for the Arche Herne

With our first donation to the Arche Herne, numerous toys for outdoor activities have been funded: for €749, they bought inline skates, skateboards, scooters, sand toys and ropes, but also handcarts and child seats for tips, but also a polaroid camera to record the best moments.

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The inauguration of the family class

Help at the family class

With proceeds to the Til Schweiger Foundation, we're supporting the family class at a primary school in Niederbiel. Children who have difficulties to deal with requirements and rules at school get support together with their parents. So, parents learn at the same time to react adequately to problems.

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Inclusion with VfBfairplay

Inclusion with VfBfairplay

Your proceeds for VfBfairplay support PFIFF - a project for inclusion in football. In the past months, two new bases in Ulm and Ellwangen have been created. There, children, teenagers and adults with disabilities get a regular football training with others; this training helps to overcome barriers.

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A prosthesis for Anowar

A prosthesis for Anowar

With your proceeds, Handicap International enables children to take part in daily life in spite of physical disabilities. Like Anowar, a boy living in a refugee camp in Bangladesh and who lost a leg on the run. With your support, Anowar received a prosthesis and comes to terms with his trauma with a therapists help.

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Help for Sarah's family

Help for Sarah's family

With current proceeds, Rautenherz e.V. supports Sarah's family. The 11-year-old is suffering from NCL and looses all abilities little by little. Already, she can't see anymore. The family needs financial support, as Sarah's disease causes expenses they didn't expect; for example, they have to build a barrier-free house.

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Hausaufgabenbetreuung im HORIZONT-Haus

Homework supervision in HORIZONT house

With the latest auctions proceeds for HORIZONT, you've supported homework supervision in HORIZONT house: for example, the donations funded new material. Children of homeless mothers are not only cared for intensely, but the team also tries to reduce learning disabilities or frustration.

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Make-up workshops for young cancer patients

Make-up workshops for young cancer patients

Our donations to DKMS LIFE are used for the look good feel better make-up workshops for youths. For young cancer patients like 16-year-old Melissa, these workshops are not only a nice relief from their daily life at hospital, but also an important medium to help them feel comfortable in their weakened body.

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United Charity collects proceeds for over 150 Charities:

Transparency - 100 % will be donated

Dagmar-und-Karlheinz-Koegel (1)

United Charity passes on 100 percent of the auction proceeds, without any deduction of costs or commissions, to the children's charities. This is only possible due to the fact that the Kögels, the husband and wife team, carry all of the running costs themselves. Therefore all the services the United Charity team offers are free of charge to its partners.

United Charity is divided into United Charity GmbH – Internetauktionen that runs the internet auction website and United Charity gemeinnützige Stiftungs GmbH, the non-profit organization. In doing so it is guaranteed that no income is generated for personal gain. United Charity gemeinnützige Stiftungs GmbH is a foundation under public law based in Baden-Baden.

The aims of the association are entirely and directly charitable in the sense of the section headed "aims entitled to tax relief" of the German fiscal code (AO). United Charity is recognized by the tax authority as a non-profit organization. It is a charitable foundation that does not conduct any operational business itself.


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