United Charity, with up to 300 active auctions per day and over 7.7 million Euros worth of donations, is Europe's largest charity auction website. The non-profit organization is based in Baden-Baden and offers on its Website www.unitedcharity.de one of a kind items and experiences generally not available for sale. 100% of the auction proceeds, along with the donations are used to support United Charity's children's charity projects throughout Germany and abroad. United Charity was created on the 1st of December 2009 by Dagmar and Karlheinz Kögel and currently works together with more than 150 renowned charities.


Our goals


Over 2.5 million children in Germany currently live in households with an income under the poverty line. That amounts to a fifth of under eighteens. As this situation has become progressively worse, the funding gaps within children's charities have grown. It is United Charity's aim to close these gaps in funding and supporting the children all over the world that are so desperately in need.


United Charity gets involved in all areas where donations are required. This often applies to children in families with a weak social background, children with chronic, life threatening diseases, emergency situations and natural disasters. United Charity has made the conscious decision not to focus on one area of charity work. Due to this decision we are able to remain flexible and send aid where and when it is most needed.

Our vision

Here at United Charity we dream of a world in which children, the weakest members of society, no longer need to suffer. To make this dream a reality it will take courageous and innovative policies within politics, economics and society. Only when the necessary decisions have been made, and put into practice, we can hope for a better world. A world in which every child can look forward to his life with confidence and hope.

How our auctions help

This is how the auction proceeds are put to use. United Charity passes on 100 percent of the proceeds to the children’s charity projects:

Despite the chemotherapy, Mia-Marie lives beautiful moments

Happy Moments for Mia-Marie

Our donations to Spielertrikot für Kinderlachen e.V. are in favour of children with hard fates - as for example for Mia-Marie who is suffering from an inoperable brain tumour. Due to the donations, her parents can realise beautiful moments for her, despite the strains coming from the chemotherapy.

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Hunde und Clowns im Kinderhospiz Balthasar

Clowns & Dogs for the Children's Hospice

With the help of our donations to the children's and youth hospice Balthasar, not only the care for seriously ill children is possible, but also offers that bring them joy: every week, clinic clowns and therapy dogs come to visit and jolly the children.

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Anna mit ihren Eltern

Help for Children of Addicted Parents

The donations to Herzenssache e.V. support the extension of the children's house of the Villa Maria, a rehab institution for addicted parents and their children. There, Anna can finally laugh again: the addiction of her parents caused her problems at school - thanks to the detox and rehab, things are looking up.

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On the sports ground of "Bola pra Frente"

Extension of the "Bola pra Frente" ground

With the help of our donations to Stars4Kids, we support the school and sports project "Bola pra Frente" in Rio de Janeiro. Several renovations are planned for this year: a new school building for 1,200 pupils instead of 400 and a cafeteria will be built and the sports area will be restructured and enlarged.

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Albertine aus Kindernachsorgeklinik Berlin-Brandenburg

Logopaedic Therapy for Cardiac Children

Because of severe cardiac illness and exhausting treatments, many cardiac children lack the skill to eat or drink autonomously and they become accustomed to their probe. Our donations to the Kindernachsorgeklinik Berlin-Brandenburg help children like Albertine to learn to eat and drink normally.

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Husky tours for children suffering from cancer

Husky Tours as a Rehab for Children suffering from Cancer

With the help of our donations to Herzenswünsche e.V., husky tours in Scandinavia can be funded for children and youths suffering from cancer. This animal based rehab measure helps them, after their strenuous therapies, to get back their self esteem and confidence in their body. 

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Moïse plays football again

Moïse plays Football again

Thanks to our donations to Handicap International, children like Moïse can be supported. The little Haitian boy lost one of his legs in the earthquake in 2010, but with the help of Handicap International, he can play football with his friends again: regularly, the organisation cares for fitting artificial limbs and rehab measures.

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Children's hospice MOMO

Time at Home

We are happy that with our donations, we can support the care for terminally ill children and their families by the mobile children's hospice MOMO in Vienna. For example, the little boy Anton, who is suffering from a severe muscle disease, can spend a lot of time at home, what relieves his parents as well.

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Stefan and his new therapy bed

Therapy Beds for the Children of "Zwerg Nase" House

For that children like Lena and Stefan can sleep well and safely, Zwerg Nase house in Wiesbaden regularly needs individually created therapy beds. Our donations help to fund these beds. Furthermore, excursions for the children and parties for Christmas are funded by donations.

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United Charity collects proceeds for over 150 Charities:

Transparency - 100 % will be donated

Dagmar-und-Karlheinz-Koegel (1)

United Charity passes on 100 percent of the auction proceeds, without any deduction of costs or commissions, to the children's charities. This is only possible due to the fact that the Kögels, the husband and wife team, carry all of the running costs themselves. Therefore all the services the United Charity team offers are free of charge to its partners.

United Charity is divided into United Charity GmbH – Internetauktionen that runs the internet auction website and United Charity gemeinnützige Stiftungs GmbH, the non-profit organization. In doing so it is guaranteed that no income is generated for personal gain. United Charity gemeinnützige Stiftungs GmbH is a foundation under public law based in Baden-Baden.

The aims of the association are entirely and directly charitable in the sense of the section headed "aims entitled to tax relief" of the German fiscal code (AO). United Charity is recognized by the tax authority as a non-profit organization. It is a charitable foundation that does not conduct any operational business itself.


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