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"Sports for all" in Bangladesh

"Sports for all" in Bangladesch - Boost the development and equal rights of children with sports

Although in Bangladesh, the rights of people with disabilities are guaranteed by law, children and youths with disabilities are one of the most excluded groups of the country. Only eight per cent of the children with disabilities attend school in Bangladesh. Sports clubs and schools are rarely adapted to their needs. With the help of sportive activities, Handicap International takes on the problem ouf ostracism in Bangladesh. In the context of this project, Handicap International improves the access to sports centres and schools, equips schools with pieces of sports equipment suitable for people with disabilities and organises sportive activities and competitions. The teachers get appropriate trainings. In the context of a awareness raising campaign, inclusion shall be boosted through sportive activites and integrative education. In total, 600 children and youths with disabilities currently benefit from this project. Moreover, nursing staff of 600, 30 teachers, 30 craftsmen, 6 sports teachers and 15 volunteers benefit. In this way, Handicap International boosts the participation of children and youths with disabilities in sportive activities and supports their development and equality. They get a chance to be integrated into the society.