Straight from André Schürrle: His First Fulham Shirt with Signature


André Schürrle has chosen Fulham as his new football home and with his first season goal, he took his leave for the starting eleven of the cottagers. His first goal is the perfect motive for a charity auction and so he sent us, straight from London, his first Fulham shirt which he naturally autographed for his fans. Get André Schürrle's shirt here and don't miss this opportunity for a good cause. Bid now!

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Additional details

You're bidding on a football rarity: André Schürrle's first Fulham shirt.

  • Personal Fulham player jersey
  • Originally autographed on the back
  • Includes Schürrle's name and shirt number: 14
  • Size: M
  • Brand: adidas

The entire proceeds of the auction "Straight from André Schürrle: His First Fulham Shirt with Signature", without any deducted costs, will go straight to Aufwind Mannheim e.V.

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The project gives support to children and their parents in difficult situations

Aufwind – Mannheim

Child poverty in Mannheim – Aufwind helps

Child poverty in Mannheim? Does this exist? Many children in Mannheim suffer from poverty and for those children, it often means to end up in a blind alley. From the beginning, there is a lack of the most important things in their lives and their path of life seems to be predetermined. Aufwind fights against this situation.