When does the Charity Fairy bid?

 The Charity Fairy is there to help you reach the minimum price. The Fairy is an automatic bidder. As long as the maximum bid of the bidding party is under the minimum bid, the charity

fairy will raise the bid. Until the minimum bid has been reached the Charity fairy will be the highest bidder. When the minimum bid has been reached the fairy will stop bidding.

For Example: Petra enters a bid for 150 Euros. The minimum bid, which is not shown on the site, is set at 400 Euros. The Charity Fairy raises the bid to the next increment and is the highest bidder. The system shows “Minimum bid not reached” . Petra now enters a maximum bid of 450 Euros . The Charity Fairy keeps bidding until Petra's bid reaches the minimum price of 400 Euros. At this point the Fairy is deactivated and the auction runs it's normal course. The Fairies job is to guide Petra to the minimum price.

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