Why do some auctions extend when they are due to close?

Normally, an auction closes at the designated close time. When a bid is placed during the final 5 minutes, that close time will automatically be extended by an extra 5 minutes. As long as bidders keep bidding, that time will keep being extended. The auction will close when bids are no longer placed in the last 5 minutes. To see the time left and the current highest bid, refresh your browser by typing F5.

For example: An auction has been set to end at 6:00pm . A bidder enters a bid at 5:56pm. The end of auction is then extended until 6:01pm. The next bid is then entered at 6:00pm and the auction is then extended to 6:05pm. If no other bids are placed the auction will end at 6:05pm.

This automatic extension was put into place by United Charity to make sure that the bidding is as fair and as relaxed as possible. Those with faster internet or faster computers do not have an unfair advantage over other bidders.

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