Ein Herz für Kinder

Ein Herz für Kinder hilft dort, wo Kinder Hilfe brauchen.

What began as a campaign for more security in traffic in Germany soon became an international aid organization. Until today, Ein Herz für Kinder fights for the weakest group in society: the children. In Germany, where the organization has its focus, as here also exist children and families needing help, but also abroad, where children get victims of cruel wars, where the children's homes get destroyed by devastating natural distasters and where children do not get qualified medical help. Since Ein Herz für Kinder was founded, the aims have not changed dramatically. Even if security in traffic first was focussed, education, health, poverty reduction and conservation have always been central areas for help, as those subjects concern the weakest members of society. The phrase that led Axel Springer when founding the organization is more current than ever: "Be nice to each other". It means: help each other. And first of all: show heart for children.

Das Projekt der Ein Herz für Kinder

Ein Herz für Kinder kämpft gegen Kinderarmut in Deutschland

BILD hilft e.V. „Ein Herz für Kinder"

"We barge in where children need help." Ein Herz für Kinder was founded in 1978 by the publisher Axel Springer as a campaign for more road safety and soon became an internationally active aid organisation.