From the King of Pop: Michael Jackson's handwritten „Billie Jean“ Lyrics as Lithography


The most successful entertainer of all time, Michael Jackson, will remain immortal in the hearts of his millions of fans – just like his world-famous songs including the masterpiece „Billie Jean“ from his legendary album „Thriller“. The song became a world hit in 1983, the associated video clip is considered a milestone in the history of music videos. In favor of the 15 year-old brain cancer patient Milena who is in urgent need of a surgery we now auction off a special and exceedingly rare Michael Jackson collectors’ item: A copy of the limited lithography of the original handwritten „Billie Jean“ lyrics. So take this chance for a good cause and secure yourself a piece of music history from the “King of Pop”.

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Additional details

You are bidding on a superstar rarity: A lithography of Michael Jackson's original handwritten „Billie Jean“ lyrics.

  • Limited edition of 100 pieces, No. 001
  • Two pages of lyrics in Jackson's handwriting and certificate of authenticity both framed behind acrylic glass
  • Size: 84 cm (width), 36,5 cm (height), 1,5 cm (depth)
  • Frame color: black
  • Including dowels and wall hooks

The proceeds from the auction “From the King of Pop: Michael Jackson's handwritten „Billie Jean“ Lyrics as Lithography” will be passed on in full, without any deductions, directly to Universitätsklinikum Tübingen.

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University Clinic Tübingen - help for the tumour patient Milena

University Clinic Tübingen

Help for the tumour patient Milena

Milena, who is suffering from a serious brain tumour, urgently needs a surgery at the university clinic in Tübingen. There, cancer specialists work hand in hand with ten tumour specific centres.