Limited and Hand-Refined: The High-End Bike "Siegfried super refined" from Schindelhauer Bikes


As a founding member of the model family, the "Siegfried" model embodies the defining DNA of the Schindelhauer bicycle brand from Berlin-Kreuzberg, which was founded in 2009. With its purist aesthetics and reduction to the technical essentials, it is considered a design classic for urban bikes. The "Siegfried super refined" edition, limited to just five bikes, is even lighter, faster and more emotional: the weld seams of the brushed aluminium frame of this hand-finished bike have been additionally polished by hand, materials have been elaborately refined and even higher-quality components have been installed. Super refined stands for uncompromising engineering, perfection and precision. Two years of planning, research and material procurement as well as over 50 hours of hand finishing have gone into each of the five unique pieces. Bid now and get one of these unique bikes in your preffered frame size for a good cause!

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Additional details

You are bidding on a unique bike: A limited edition bike from Schindelhauer.

  • Bike of the model "Siegfried Super Refined", refined by hand by the founders
  • Limited edition of only 5 bikes (no. 2/5), one of a kind
  • Bike weight: 7,065 kilos
  • Frame size of your choice
  • Additional refinements:
    • Frame: The aluminium frame has been ground, polished and refined
    • Wheels: Front wheel-rear wheel hub: rebuilt, ground and polished
    • Front bracket: De-anodised, polished and refined
    • Rear wheel and front hub: CNC machined, de-anodised, polished and finished
    • Seat post: De-anodised, polished and finished
    • Stem: De-anodised, polished and finished
    • Titanium screws machined and polished
    • Refined bottom bracket
    • Refined spoke heads
    • Small parts: From the hub caps to the tensioner washer, de-anodised, polished and refined
    • Rim refined
    • Fork machined, ground and polished
    • Saddle rivets polished
    • Special ahead cap CNC milled
    • Crank: Dura ace hollowtech - de-anodised and polished
    • Belt port polished
    • Editions plate polished
  • Collection with exclusive factory tour in Berlin

We will forward the proceeds of this auction directly to World Bicycle Relief, without deduction of costs.

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