Artists for Kids

Das grundlegende Ziel ist es, Münchner Kindern und Jugendlichen in schwierigen Lebenssituationen schnell, effektiv und unbürokratisch zur Seite zu stehen

The main aim of Artists for Kids is to help children, teenagers and their families in difficult life situations and urgent emergencies quickly, effective and non-bureaucratic. The institution was founded in 1999 by a pedagogical team with Bernd Eichinger's support. The project is supported by artists from diverse areas, for example thanks to their publicity and financial help, but also thanks to their personal participation in events. More and more, artists get directly involved in the work with children and teenagers.

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The aid project supported by Artists for Kids: 

Das Projekt der Artists for Kids

Das Projekt ermöglicht einen qualifizierten Hauptschulabschluss und Betreuung

Das fliegende Klassenzimmer

The project for creative youth welfare

The school project Das fliegende Klassenzimmer enables pupils to catch up on their Certificate of Secondary Education extracurricularly in the context of professional instructions by the pedagogical team of Artists for Kids. For these youths, it is the only chance to graduate from school.