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Das fliegende Klassenzimmer

Das Projekt ermöglicht einen qualifizierten Hauptschulabschluss und Betreuung

The school project Das fliegende Klassenzimmer enables pupils to catch up on their Certificate of Secondary Education extracurricularly in the context of professional instructions by the pedagogical team of Artists for Kids. For these youths, it is the only chance to graduate from school.

Furthermore, Das fliegende Klassenzimmer includes an individual assistance of the youths, beginning at the completion of personal problems to the point of application training and job mediation. In the "flying classroom", a group of seven to ten pupils are prepared intensely, individually and successful for the extern exam. 

In addition to the normal learning matter, numerous social competences, as for example reliability, communication, self-reflection, team spirit, self-esteem and power of endurance, are conveyed.