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Sky Foundation: We make Children fit for Life

Children shall be motivated for health and movement

Not only in developing countries, but also in Germany, many children live in poverty. This poverty is displayed by a lack of material property or a lack of a balanced diet, but also a lack of exercise.
Only about 30 percent of all children in Germany do sports at a minimum one hour a day and reach the activity level recommended by the World Health Organisation. The percentage of children and youths suffering from a lack of exercise is increasing continuously. Especially, moving in daily life gets a raw deal. More and more families cannot afford the fee for a sports club. Furthermore, working parents have less time to play actively with their children or do sports with them. And at school, only about two hours per week are reserved for sports. For these reasons, the children lack elementary factors in the development of their body and their personality: learning motor unctions, forming cognitive fitness and last but not least, the discussion about sportive values like fairness, team spirit and integration. 
The Sky Foundation has as its aim to push the exercise and health of children as each child has a right on exercise. The foundation supports projects in kindergartens, schools, clubs and other leisure centres motivating children and youths for sports. Through the learning of motor skills and the mediation of sportive values, they want to make children self-confident and fit for a social living-together.