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Refugees' aid of the Caritas Osnabrück

Refugees' aid of the Caritas Osnabrück - Leisure activities for refugee children

The Caritas, supported by the foundation fund "Horizont", especially cares for children and youths, families, single parents, homeless and jobless people, migrants, people with disabilities and - with diverse projects - for refugees. The focus of the refugee relief lies on the work with the often traumatized children and youths.

Abroad, the children often live a sad daily life, also due to the lacking access to our society. With diverse leisure activities, the Caritas team wants to offer meaningful activities to the children. For this, donations are often missing as supporters are more willing to donate for concrete equipment. With our auctions, we would like to raise funds for the extension of the leisure activities and help to make the lifes of refugee children and youths more liveable.