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Hand aufs Herz e.V.

Hand aufs Herz e.V. - Together against sudden cardiac death

In 2012, the association "Hand aufs Herz" (Hand on the heart) was founded by people who survived a circulatory arrest, EMTs and doctors. Over and over again, rescue parties are called for patients who suffered from a circulatory arrest while others have been around, but did not execute first aid measures. In this way, the probability to survive this emergency without damages - especially brain damages - decreases dramatically, as the first ten minutes are decisive. Often, the omission of a cardiac pressure massage, for example, causes that the patient does not gain consciousness again, falls into a persistent vegetative state or even dies. The aim of the association is to improve the chances of people suffering from a circulatory arrest, so that they can have a normal life again after. The clearance work already begins at schools for "Hand aufs Herz". There, the association offers trainings to youths to acquaint them with the measures and to sensitize them for the subject.