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Equal opportunities in schools

The same opportunities for all students

The main objective of the Kids Foundation is in the establishment of equal opportunities for students from poorer social backgrounds. These  chances within education, specifically in vocational training and apprenticeships provide real prospects in the lives of the disadvantaged children and adolescents

The school projects, for the socially under privileged students,  that are supported are things like healthy eating, tutoring, school supplies, exam preparation as well as projects and functions outside of school and classes.

The positive impact of the support is as diverse as the projects themselves. The motivation and the self confidence of the poverty stricken children is boosted and with it their zest for life. When their potential for development is recognised, their talents found and nurtured it also encourages the socialization of the disadvantaged youths.

The Neuer Kids Foundation also provides support outside of school in the children's recreational time. The co-operation with sports clubs, music schools and other groups allows the children to widen their horizons, develop their interests and to try different leisure activities and hobbies.