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Eine Chance für Kinder Foundation

Eine Chance für Kinder Foundation - Get strong for the weakest

A good start into life is the most important thing we can give to our children. They need security and reliability straight from the beginning. The foundation "Eine Chance für Kinder" (A Chance for Children) made it its aim to make it possible for as many children as possible to grow up healthily in their families. Children need strong mothers and fathers offering a stable environment and fundament. That is where the foundation's work begins: family midwives accompany mothers and couples in difficult life situations already during pregnancy and stay at their sides during the first year of the child. Particularly trained family health and children's nurses are another measure to strengthen the parents early. An emergency aid fund helps young families in acute social emergency. Furthermore, the foundation campaigns for the midwife aid for pregnant women in Sudan and the protection of bastardly born children. The motto of the foundation boosting for the prevention of child neglect and child abuse is: get strong for the weakest, get strong for life!

All proceeds from the following auction go 100% to this Charity project: