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A daily meal for children in Vietnam

The project ensures daily meals for children in Vietnam

Between Saigon and Dalat in Vietnam is the province Bao Lam, a region marked by the cultivation of coffee and tea. Here, the families from the north live. They fled hunger and are working in Bao Lam as day labourers. Their salary: an US dollar a day. The parents are forced to work all time to survive and so, the children are left to their own devices. As public funds for kindergartens are missing, the smallest are missing their daily meal as well as care and education.

With the donations of the HelpAlliance and in cooperation with social workers of the Prajna monastery, the Bao Lam project is supporting four kindergartens with about 120 children in the ages of 18 months up to five years. The Lufthansa staff ensures the alimentation, medical care and education of the children. Since the beginning of the project, two kindergartens have been rebuilt and one renovated.

All proceeds from the following auction go 100% to this Charity project: