The Artwork “Pink Jupiter” by Sponk including the world’s largest NFT


Since 2015, artist Sponk has been exploring the aesthetics of the random behavior of color and liquid with his "Vivid Liquids". His art is in demand internationally: currently, even the British art magazine "Aesthetica" is reporting on Sponk's work. Now the up-and-coming artist is breaking new ground with his work "Pink Jupiter" and addressing the increasing relevance of the virtual world by offering an NFT of his work in addition to the actual color medium. NFT stands for "Non Fungible Token" - a non-replicable, completely individual data unit that promises the buyer absolute exclusivity. Many well-known artists already sell their works as NFT, now you have the chance to join this promising trend in the art scene: Buy the work "Pink Jupiter" by Sponk - the physical color carrier as well as the corresponding picture collage as a digital NFT, currently the largest work of art in the world minted as NFT!

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Additional details

You are bidding on an art highlight: „Pink Jupiter“ by Sponk.

  • Original work "Pink Jupiter"
    • Dimensions paint tray: 30 x 45 cm
  • Associated NFT
    • Currently the largest NFT in the world in terms of file size
    • Image collage made up of 150 individual full-format photos
    • File size: 10Gb
    • Created: 2020
    • Dimensions: 550 x 350cm with native resolution of 300 dpi
    • four files on SD card - access key plus NFT in three parts
  • SD card is handed over in a high-quality case
  • Certificate of authenticity is included
  • Handover by arrangement
  • If shipping is requested, the bidder bears the costs

The proceeds of the auction "Artist Sponk is auctioning his work "Pink Jupiter" and associated NFT" will be passed on directly to the WWF without any deduction of costs.

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Campaigning for nature

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