From the personal possession of Siegfried and Roy: The book "Unique in all the World"


Siegfried and Roy, the two magicians from Las Vegas (originally coming from Germany), were probably the most famous Magicians of the twentieth Century. After the death of Roy in 2020  and the death of Siegfried a few days ago, you have the opportunity to bid on a very unique souvenir: The Book "Siegfried and Roy - Unique in all the World", which bears the signature of the authors and is limited to only 500 copies worldwide. An absolutely rare opportunity and a personal memento of two very extraordinary icons of our time!

Entdecken Sie bei uns auch weitere einzigartige Auktionen für den guten Zweck!

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Additional details

You are bidding on something very special: The book „Siegfried und Roy – Unique in all the world“.

  • from the personal possession of Siegfried and Roy 
  • limited 471/500
  • signed by the authors Diana S. Zimmermann and Robert Gould

The proceeds of the auction "From the personal possession of Siegfried and Roy: The book "Unique in all the World"" will be forwarded directly, without any deduction of costs, to the Care-for-Rare Foundation, based at the Children's Hospital of the University of Munich. The Care-for-Rare Foundation on the occasion of the 175th anniversary of the founding of the Children's Hospital is collecting donations for the acquisition of a modern Sequencing device.

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Care-for-Rare Foundation

Care-for-Rare Foundation

Help for the orphans of medicine

The Care-for-Rare Foundation lights a beacon of hope and advocates for the orphans of medicine, irrespective of their origin or the financial circumstances of their families. The organisation follows the vision that no child has to die because of his rare disease.