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The ZWERG NASE House offers a short time care for children with disabilities in Wiesbaden

ZWERG NASE house in Wiesbaden

The ZWERG NASE house's offer is unique in Germany

Holidays for the children and the occasion to relax and get new power for their relatives: families caring for their seriously ill children find relief, help and time for themselves by making use of the short term care offer of the ZWERG NASE house in Wiesbaden.

Der Verein von Sonja Zietlow fördert und unterstützt die Mensch-Hund-Beziehung

Dogs as medicine: Beschützerinstinkte e.V.

Beschützerinstinkte e.V. improves the relation between people and dogs

Dogs never stop loving. Dogs always have time. They give the feeling to be needed. Dogs comfort and understand. They break up with the vicious circle of loneliness and sadness. For a dog, it is not important if someone is poor or rich, sick or disabled.

Felix Burda Foundation: battle against bowel cancer

Aid Fund Bowel Cancer

The Felix Burda Foundation is devoted to the prevention of bowel cancer

In an early stage, bowel cancer does not cause discomforts, so that only a regular preventive care can protect from this disease from which only in Germany, 26,000 people die on every year. The Felix Burda Foundation is the most known charitable institution in this area.

UNICEF helps people with additional nutrition, drugs and water

UNICEF emergency aid in the Sahel

A silent catastrophe: malnutrition in the Sahel

According to estimations, more than one million children in eight countries are threatened by severe malnutrition in the next months. Because of droughts, poor harvests, high food costs and extreme poverty, many families cannot feed themselves with enough food.

When children play, the world wins

Right To Play

When children play, the world wins

Right To Play was founded in 2000 by Johann Olav Koss. The international organisation for humanitarian help and development cooperation uses the power of sports and play in order to transfer essential skills to children in youths in deprived regions.

Providing a good basic education for children in eleven African countries

UNICEF – Schools for Africa

A place in the classroom for every child

Every child has a right on education. Though, in African countries south of the Sahara, every third child does not attend school. Many families are too poor to pay the school material for their children. Qualified teachers are missing and the AIDS epidemic tightens the situation-

The UNICEF campaign "Water acts" boosts for the children's right on water

UNICEF – Water acts

For the children's right on water

Clear drinking water and hygienic life cirumstances are essential for survival and a premise for the healthy upgrowth of children. And it saves time and power for school, when children do not need to take hours to get clear water. 

ClearWater provides clear drinking water to native people


ClearWater has the aim to provide water to native people

ClearWater has the aim to provide water to more than 2,000 native people and farmers living in 20 small villages in a contaminated Amazon area in Ecuador. The lack of clear water does not only lead to health threats.

Das Projekt ermöglicht einen qualifizierten Hauptschulabschluss und Betreuung

Das fliegende Klassenzimmer

The project for creative youth welfare

The school project Das fliegende Klassenzimmer enables pupils to catch up on their Certificate of Secondary Education extracurricularly in the context of professional instructions by the pedagogical team of Artists for Kids. For these youths, it is the only chance to graduate from school.