Musik bewegt

Musik bewegt - Nie war es einfacher, gemeinsam zu bewegen

Musik bewegt would like to mobilize artists, musicians, fans and friends in order to indicate drawbacks and to help removing them. For a long time, musicians engage in social projects and promote their heartfelt wishes. For those artists, Musik bewegt offers a shared communication platform in order to reach a bigger range in to let social engagement go viral. Musik bewegt forwards donations directly and without any transfer costs to 100% to the projects, so that help can be given in the best way.

Das Projekt der Musik bewegt

brotZeit e.V. - Kostenloses Schulfrühstück

brotZeit e.V.

Free school breakfast

brotZeit e.V. is helping children to start the day well by offering a balanced daily breakfast. Additionally, active seniors help the brotZeit children with their homework, they give private lessons and organize diversified afternoon programmes with sports and games.