Kinderschutzengel e.V.

The association facilitates hospital stays for children

Children have their guardian angels – but what happens if the invisible guardians fail once, if an accident happens or severe diseases make long hospital stays necessary? Then, there are human children's guardian angels. Kinderschutzengel e.V. made it its task to facilitate the hospital stay for these children and their families by taking away their fear of surgeries, examinations and machines. The children's guardian angels, especially trained for their task, can be psychologists, educators, pastors or family tutors. The aim of the association is to accompany the whole family in the difficult time of the hospital stay and even after.

Die Projekte der Kinderschutzengel e.V.

Via a mouse clic, Sandra can take part in her lessons while being at the hospital

Children's Guardian Angels: computers at the bedside

Via a mouse clic from the bedside into the classroom

Sandra always was thinner than the others, often paused when speaking and instead of playing in the schoolyard, she preferred reading at the library. She even had the permission to come late instead of hurrying up in the morning. Her sick heart affected her daily rhythm.

Helping gives wings

Children's Guardian Angels with four paws

Helping gives wings

Since 2013, the children's guardian angels with four paws, Cujo, Merlin, Tiffany and Sheila are in action several times a week at the paediatrics of diverse hospitals in Berlin and Brandenburg. With this help, physical or mental deficits of children can be improved.