Beschützerinstinkte e.V.

Sonja Zietlow's association boosts the relationship between people and dogs

A small team with lots of protective instincts founded the booster club dingo e.V. in 2008. There, people who try to improve the fates of people and dogs found together. In 2010, Beschützerinstinkte e.V. arose from dingo e.V. The non-profit organisation founded by Sonja Zietlow boosts for children with disabilities, dog owners in need and dogs in need. Beschützerinstinkte e.V. makes animal based therapies possible for children with disabilities and helps dog owners in need by defraying the costs for veterinarians and feed. Last but not least, Beschützerinstinkte e.V. protects dogs in need, illness and old age and gives them a home.

Das Projekt der Beschützerinstinkte e.V.

Der Verein von Sonja Zietlow fördert und unterstützt die Mensch-Hund-Beziehung

Dogs as medicine: Beschützerinstinkte e.V.

Beschützerinstinkte e.V. improves the relation between people and dogs

Dogs never stop loving. Dogs always have time. They give the feeling to be needed. Dogs comfort and understand. They break up with the vicious circle of loneliness and sadness. For a dog, it is not important if someone is poor or rich, sick or disabled.