Aufwind – Mannheim e.V.

Der Verein tut etwas gegen die Kinderarmut in Mannheim

"Wir müssen was bewegen, sonst bewegt sich nichts..." (We have to move something, or else nothing's moving...") This is the leading idea of the association Aufwind - Mannheim e.V. The volunteers of the charitable organisation for the support of social projects in the area of Mannheim want to set something in motion. Aufwind - Mannheim e.V. shows responsibility for the institution Aufwind which offers advise for parents, young families and single parents in difficult life situations, a regular meeting for women, lunch specials and coffee and tea times. The offers for children comprise lunch specials, scholar boost, leisure activities, social learning in gorups, parents and child meetings and holiday activities.

Das Projekt der Aufwind – Mannheim e.V.

The project gives support to children and their parents in difficult situations

Aufwind – Mannheim

Child poverty in Mannheim – Aufwind helps

Child poverty in Mannheim? Does this exist? Many children in Mannheim suffer from poverty and for those children, it often means to end up in a blind alley. From the beginning, there is a lack of the most important things in their lives and their path of life seems to be predetermined. Aufwind fights against this situation.