Can I confirm a maximum bid which is not shown immediately?

Yes. If you already know the amount you're willing to bid or if you can't participate at the end of the auction, you can immediately confirm your maximum bid. Our system will save it invisibly. On the auction site, only the next higher bid step will be shown. As long as your maximum bid is not outbid by other bidders, you are the highest bidder. As soon as somebody joins in bidding, you will get an e-mail: whether if you're still the highest bidder of if you've been outbid. You only have to pay the maximum bid if somebody bid until this amount, but didn't outbid you.


An auction is at €750. Bidder A bids €2,000. Our system saves the bid and the auction is now at €800. Bidder B bids €850 and will automatically be outbid by bidder A, so that the auction is now at €900. If no bid follows, bidder A is the auction winner and pays €900. If bidder B also bids €2,000, but not more, bidder A is the auction winner as well, as he was the first one to bid this amount. If bidder B bids €2,050 and no bid follows, bidder B is the auction winner for €2,050.