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YOUNGSTER akademie am Borsigplatz

Das Projekt YOUNGSTER akademie am Borsigplatz ist eines der Leuchtturmprojekte der BVB-Stiftung leuchte auf

Today, Borsigplatz, the cradle of the club Borussia Dortmund, is an urban district with diverse social challenges. Especially the language barriers and associated problems in matters of future educational opportunities are a big challenge for this district.

Many talents of the children living there are rarely seen outside the school's area. The children of the district regularly surprise with creative actions showing a high potential, but which is hard to develop as its not supported. This is exactly where the YOUNGSTER akademie joins. The YOUNGSTER akademie at the Borsigplatz is aimed to education in the concrete surroundings, supporting the development and personal growth of the children. 

The children's academy is installed modularly. Homework assistance, private lessons and job-preparing measures enable children and youths to have learning and success experiences without losing the joy to learn. The YOUNGSTERS get to know diverse vocational fields and interview working people about their jobs. How does the harbour in Dortmund, the BVB stadium or the zoo work? How does a fireman work and what is happening behind the scenes of a theatre? What does a bank do and where do the goods in the supermarket come from?