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Winter help for refugee children

Winter help for refugee children - Refugee children need our help

UNICEF works against time in order to protect children in Syria and around from the cold period of the year and its weather conditions. UNICEF started the distribution of 185,000 winter packages for refugee children. Each package contains, for example, a warm jacket, training pants, a rain coat, gloves, a scarf, a hat and shoes. Furthermore, UNICEF organises winterproof tents for emergency schools as well as kerosine in order to heat emergency accomodation.

The onset of winter in Syria, Iraq and the neighbouring countries is a danger for hundreds of thousands of children: when fleeing from war and the IS terrorism, they stay with their families in ruins, parks or tents. Many girls and boys have neither shoes nor jackets that protect them from snow and ice. UNICEF needs your help to provide warm clothes and other reliefs for the children.

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