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UNICEF “Let Us Learn” Initiative

 UNICEF “Let Us Learn” Initiative

Education gives girls and boys around the world hope for a better life. But many children never get the chance to go to school. Many live in poverty and in remote regions where access to an education is difficult. Conflict and discrimination are also factors that inhibit education.  Girls are particularly affected by these challenges.

With the international education initiative, "Let Us Learn", UNICEF helps disadvantaged children in five countries: Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Liberia, Madagascar and Nepal. The goal is to give the most marginalized girls and boys access to quality education.

Let Us Learn was launched in 2011. In ten years more than 1.2 million children and young people (over half of whom are girls) and teachers have received better education and training. The Let Us Learn projects follow an innovative approach and range from pre-school support to primary schools and courses for young people who have not yet attended school. Girls are given special support because equal opportunities are the cornerstone of a functioning society. In each supported country, Let Us Learn has a specific focus:

  • In Afghanistan, Let Us Learn helps children, and girls in particular, receive a basic education – even in remote areas.
  • In Bangladesh, the program supports the educational cycle from pre-school to catch-up basic education and vocational training.
  • In Liberia, UNICEF supports schools and remedial courses for girls with Let Us Learn.
  • In Madagascar, Let Us Learn improves the quality of secondary education and also supports families financially so that girls in particular can go to school.
  • In Nepal, the focus is on special remedial courses with basic education. UNICEF works closely with the government to improve education in Nepal.

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