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Toni Kroos Foundation

Toni Kroos Stiftung - Kindern Wünsche erfüllen

For the family of a seriously ill child, there is often a lack of help in our society. Families need a strong hand supporting them in a difficult period. For many parents, it is a tightrope walk between the children's clinic or hospice, their daily routine, brothers and sisters and therapies. They reach their limits quickly, what is comprehensible when regarding the families' harm. A serious diagnosis often comes suddenly and live changes so fast that one reaches his mental and financial limits yet at the beginning. The Toni Kroos Foundation wants to close exactly this gap. The Foundation wants to be there when families need help. For this reason, the Toni Kroos Foundation helps when accomodation near the children's clinic is needed, when brothers or sisters need psychological care or when health insurances do not pay special therapies.