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Stem cell donor for little Noah

Stem cell donor for little Noah - AKB looked for Noah's life-saver

The Stiftung Aktion Knochenmarkspende Bayern (AKB) is the third stem cell donor file in Germany with about 270,000 possible donors. Every year, it finds more than 350 lifesavers for leukaemia patients in the whole world. The AKB works with almost all university clinics in Bavaria, gives support for the organisation of typing events and regionally cares for helpers and patients. 

Also, 12-year-old Noah was looking for his life-saver. At the end of 2014, Noah was diagnosed with an extreme lack of vitamines what lend to further examination. He just felt a little tired, besides of this, he was free of complaints. The diagnosis of leukaemia was a shock for the whole family. Then, the AKB, Noah's family and friends searched for a suitable stem cell donor for the little patient. By now, Noah already has been transplanted and tries to become healthy. For the typecast, costs of 50 euros per potential donor incur for laboratory tests. In Noah's case, a total of 50,000 euros have been spent. With the auction, the deficit shall be covered for the AKB.

All proceeds from the following auction go 100% to this Charity project: