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Save the Children

Save the Children - Help for Syrian refugee children in Egypt

Already in 2012, the first Syrians fled from the initiating conflict and came to Egypt. In the beginning, they were supported by the inhabitants and the government. Due to the many political changes, the life circumstances and the security situation in Egypt strongly worsened. The resources of the regfugees are used up for a long time and the hospitality of the local population has decreased due to their own parlous situation. The programmes of Save the Children are open to every child, whatever their nationality is. They shall improve the lives of children who had to leave their homes and who are excluded by society. They are targeted to protect children from violence and exploitation, they shall give them the possiblity to make their own decisions and to strenghten their role in society. Furthermore, the quality of existing education offers shall be improved, for that especially girls can participate in the offers.