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Radio 7 Drachenkinder

Radio 7 Drachenkinder -

Radio 7 Drachenkinder is the charity of the radio station Radio 7 in Ulm an der Donau. Since its foundation in 2005, the charity has supported more than 1,300 projects in the south-east of Baden-Württemberg, Germany, in order to help ill, disabled or traumatized children. Radio 7 Drachenkinder does individual case support, funds new acquisitions for institutions, makes possible further therapy offers, organises holiday camps and realize many other projects. The donations are only used in the transmission area, so that the listeners know that their donation helps in the direct neighborhood. Prominent supporters of Radio 7 Drachenkinder are Mark Forster, Samy Deluxe, Sonya Kraus and Manfred Lucha - and the helpfulness of the listeners in Radio 7 land knows no bounds all year long.