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RTL – Wir helfen Kindern

Comedian Bülent Ceylan unterstützt Therapiemöglichkeiten für behinderte Kinder

In the context of the RTL-Spendenmarathon, celebrities campaign for different children's aid projects. They act the role of godparents and collect donations for their personal heartfelt projets. For example, the singer Shakira supported the construction of a school in Columbia and the comedian Bülent Ceylan agitates for therapy options for disabled children. Additionally, donations are used for 15 RTL children's houses.

Since 2009, the RTL children's houses exist in Germany. Franziska van Almsick, Birgit Schrowange, Susan Sideropoulos, Nico Rosberg and Xavier Naidoo collected donations for the construction of those places for deprived children. Besides of balanced meals, pupils get homework help, assistance and creative play and education offers. All existing institutions are long-term supported by the foundation RTL - Wir helfen Kindern e.V. In the next years, more RTL children's houses shall be created all over Germany.