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Perspectives for homeless children in Germany

Straßenkindern wird geholfen, um ihnen bestmögliche Perspektiven zu ermöglichen

Up to 2,500 children and youths get homeless in Germany every year. They become street children as they fled disregard or violation and try to secure their lifes by begging, prostitution or pilferage. However, they dream of security and do not want to live rough. The aim of the overregional street working of Off Road Kids is to prevent runaways from becoming street children. Because of this, the Off Road Kids street workers always set value on finding the best perspective possible together with these young people.

In doing so, the distance to the home town of the young people is not of primary interest, as OFf Road Kids is working all over Germany. So, youths can be accompanied for long distances to their families, to the youth welfare or a therapy institution. This is what makes Off Road Kids different from all present local help systems. As in Germany, almost all youths looking for their luck in the streets for a longer period appear after short time in the congested areas, Off Road Kids is present in Berlin, Dortmund (and Ruhr area), Hamburg and Cologne with its street working offices.