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NCL Foundation

For a future without Children's dementia

NCL is the abbreviation for a rare and fatal metabolic disease (Neuronal ceroid lipofuscinoses) it also stands for the young Foundation based in Hamburg , whose mission is to fight this disease. For the 400 or so children in Germany that suffer from the illness, it is a fight for life. Despite viable therapy options NCL remains incurable. Those that are affected don't have many advocates in the government, industry or private sponsors. The medical field is missing a coordinated network which helps to share research and knowledge, worldwide on the topic. The goal of the NCL Foundation is to further the research using their own scientists, to gather more results and to work towards a cure.

The defining moment for the creation of the foundation was in 2001 when the son of the founder, Tim Husmann was diagnosed with the disease. The international service clubs the Round Table and the Lions are both promoters of this foundation.