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Kindness for Kids

Kindness for Kids möchte das Leid der Kinder mit einer seltenen Erkrankung lindern

Rare diseases are often called the orphans of medicine. According to the World Health Organization, disease is rare if less than 5 among 10,000 people are suffering from it. In Germany, there are more than 7,000 known rare diseases and about four million people suffering for years until their right diagnosis. The majority of the affected people are children who often do not reach adulthood. As the number of patients is so small, there are often no sufficient therapies, no research, no drugs and no support.  

Kindness for Kids wants to reduce the suffering of children and their relatives by supporting research in the field of rare diseases. Because of the small number of affected people, there are a lot of obstacles in the battle against "orphan diseases". For example, the development of "orphan drugs" is related to high investment costs, despite there are simplified admission modes. As those high costs meet a low patient number, this pharmacological research field only finds few interest. But medical research is the key for successes in therapy.

Besides of research support, the foundation organises accompanied holidays and camps for affected children. Those social projects and activities improve the mental health of the children and give them courage in their difficult situation.