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KindernachsorgeKlinik Berlin-Brandenburg

Reha-Klinik für krebs- und herzkranke Kinder und ihre Familien

The charitable Kindernachsorgeklinik Berlin-Brandenburg in Bernau was opened on March 13th, 2009. Children and teenagers suffering from cancer and cardiac problems have the possibility to spend a four weeks rehabilitation with medical and psychological assistance after their exhausting chemotherapies, irradiations, bone marrow transplantations and cardiac surgeries. The special element is the concept of the family-focussed rehabilitation: the children come with their parents, brothers and sisters. After several months of fear and uncertainty, families are able to find rest and take new power and confidence. Each family member gets an individual therapy plan. Since 2012, the Kindernachsorgeklinik offers a rehabilitation programme for families that have lost a child.