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KinderHerz Foundation

KinderHerz Foundation - Help small hearts

Daily, around 19 children with cardiac defects are born in Germany, what means about 7,000 ill children's heart per year. Sometimes, the only some weeks old babies have to endure complicated surgeries. Under the protectorate of the host Katrin Müller-Hohenstein, the KinderHerz Foundation boosts research projects at numerous high-specialized children's heart competency centres in order to improve the medical care of the small patients continually and in a sustainable way. At the same time, the foundation links clinics all over Germany. Only by communicating and discussing with the others, each cardiac centre - and thus each cardiac child - can profit from the competency and power of the other. Furthermore, scientific research projects succeed faster. And: by following this principle, donations can be developed the best way possible at different cardiac centres at the same time. The KinderHerz foundation boosts projects in all important areas of hereditary and acquired cardiac defects, from the diagnosis and treatment to the prevention, research and development of new healing methods. Until today, more than 50 different cardiac defects are classified medically and more than two thirds of the ill children would die without therapy. Severe surgical interventions are not rare: annually, around 20 children in Germany are waiting for a donor heart. Heart valves adapting to the growth, mobile ultrasonic sound examinations, monitoring of the encephalic function of children during heart surgeries – the KinderHerz Foundation supports university clinics in forward-looking research projects or the acquisition of innovative examination technologies. Some of the boosted projects cross Germany's borders.