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Die Passauer Runde

Die Passauer Runde - Enjoy the difference

The Passauer Runde is a top-class netwirk of leading personalities from business, science, schools, doctors, politics, arts, culture and media from Passau and the region founded on private base. The aim of the Passauer Runde is to campaign for the social, economic and cultural interests of the city without taking part for political interests. The friends of the Passauer Runde see it as their task not to limit their business ventures to profit, but to give some of it to society, above all to the weak and to those needing help. This year, the Passauer Runde wants to support the TAFEL in Passau and especially families with children using the offer of the TAFEL weekly as the most important things are missing and subsistence cannot be dealt with in a regular way. With the proceeds, the Passauer Runde wants to give the possibility to fund alimentation especially for these families with children. The TAFEL provides food for about 150 families weekly.