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Comprehensive School Berger Feld

An aim of the Manuel Neuer Kids Foundation consists in boosting scholar projects

Manuel Neuer's home town Gelsenkirchen occupies a top spot in an inglorious statistic: almost every fourth child suffers from poverty. "With my foundation, I want to fulfil social responsibility in my city". This is how the football star explains the foundation of his Manuel Neuer Kids Foundation. For the first project of his foundation, Manuel Neuer came back to his former school. The comprehensive school Berger Feld is the first comprehensive school in Gelsenkirchen having started a close cooperation with the Manuel Neuer Kids Foundation, for example in order to provide regularly well-balanced meals for the pupils. 

"Sadly, a healthy breakfast and a warm meal for lunch are not self-evident in many families today" Manuel Neuer explains. This is where the Manuel Neuer Kids Foundation starts. "When I went to school, we sometimes wondered why some of the other pupils didn't go to the canteen with us. Today I know that these youths didn't have the money to buy a meal. Here, we will help with the foundation. All children and youths unable to afford the money for food will have our support, so that they will get a warm meal each day at school." 

The foundation organises the help in close coordination with the teachers. "I see the cooperation with the comprehensive school Berger Feld like a starting shot. Naturally, we will contact the other full-time schools in Gelsenkirchen and support them as well." The aspired help will also be enlarged to other aspects than alimentation. An aim of the Manuel Neuer Kids Foundation consists in supporting scholar projects in order to provide a development suitable to the age of the children and youths and in order to accompany them on their way to their work like.

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