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Children's Hospice Netz

Children's Hospice Netz - Care for children, youths and young adults with life-shortening diseases

The team of the children's hopisce Netz, consisting of doctors, nursing staff, educationists, social workers, therapists and trained volunteers, builds a net for the whole family. They care for the ill child and home and in a children's day hospice. The offer can be used regularly over several years and makes daily life easier for the families. After the death of the child, the children's hospice offers grief counseling. At the day hospice, the seriously ill children can spend their time regularly. The nursing staff professionally takes care of them and if needed, the children can get therapies: musical or artistic, aroma therapy or therapy with animals provide basal stimulation, as well as the snoezelen room provides a comforting atmosphere. The children's hospice Netz also cares about the healthy brothers and sisters. As the ill child naturally requires more attention from the parents, they often feel left alone. For this reason, the team of the children's hospice offers support from volunteers who care lovingly about the brothers and sisters and who become valuable persons of trust for them. Additionally, there are regular activities for groups of brothers and sisters and there exists a possibility to share experiences with other persons concerned.