Terre des hommes

Terre des hommes - Help for children in need

The aim of »terre des hommes« is a world of humanity. The organisation protects children from slavery and exploitation, helps refugee children, cares for the victims of war, violence and abuse and provides education for children. »terre des hommes« supports girls and boys whose families died because auf the consequences of Aids and campaigns for the children's right for a healthy environment and for the protection of discriminated population groups. As a children's fund, the organisation aligns its work consequently with the children's rights. The organisation is independent from governments, economy, religion and political parties and supports projects for exploited and disadvantaged children in Germany and worldwide. In Germany, volunteers in 120 places work for children in need with »terre des hommes«.

Die Projekte der Terre des hommes

Cambodia Family Support - Courage and power for self-help

Cambodia Family Support

Power and courage for self-help

In the rural regions of Cambodia, families have to fight against a lack of food and infrastructure often is lacking as well. The organisation "Cambodia Family Support" helps many people with the improvement of their income possibilities.

 Help for Children in the Philippines

Help for Children in the Philippines

Peace work through education and conservation

With local partner organisations, terre des hommes boosts scholar education and further professional training for youths in the Philippines, especially on the island of Mindanao. Furthermore, the abolition of violence in education plays an important role.