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SOS Children's Village Recife

A home for lost children - SOS Children's Village Recife

Though Brazil is an ambitious national economy, millions of children and adults live in miserable poverty in the Brazilian favelas. Many children have to eke out a living alone due to the druc addiction or the death of their parents. The SOS Children's Villages support these children and families. Children who cannot live with they parents any more get a new family, care and a good education at the Children's Village. The SOS Family Help supports extremely poor families at the favelas. The aim of the family help is to offer a possibility for parents in need to break out of the vicious circle of poverty and to boost de development of their children with education. SOS conducts 16 Children's Villages in Brazil and 17 SOS Social Help Centres. The Children's Village was built in 2006 with the funds from the World Cup campaign "6 Villages for 2006". At the Children's Village, around 80 children and youths live. There is an associated SOS Social Help Centre as well, caring for about 200 poor families in the surroundings.

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