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SOS Children's Village Nepal

SOS Children's Village Nepal - Emergency help for the victims of the earthquake

Ruins, dead and hurt people and desperate survivors everywhere: a devastating earthquake brought death and damage to the people in the Himalayas. The SOS Children's Villages offer emergency aid in order to stand by children and families. On Saturday, April 25th in 2015 at 11.56am, earth quaked in Nepal and the neighbouring countries. Within hours, more and more victims have been recovered from the ruins. According to the government of Nepal, almost 9.000 people were killed and according to the UN, more than 8 million people have been affected by the catastrophe, around 1.4 million needed food. The region around the capital city, Kathmandu, was stroken specifically hard, as the epicentre of the earthquake with a strength of 7.8 was at about 80 kilometres in the north-west of the city, in only few kilometres depth. In Kathmandu and other cities in the catastrophe area, numerous buildings collapsed and burried the inhabitants. Many villages in the Himalayas got isolated due to landslides. Reams of survivors camped outdoor on matresses, under tarpaulins. In Kathmandu, 80 percent of the population became homeless, thousands left the city. The situation of the survivors was desperate: clear drinking water and food were scarce. Furthermore, the homeless suffered from strong rainfalls and the danger of plagues increased. Especially children and families needed help.