Professor Dr. Dr. F. Boudaghi * Washington, DC * USA

Professor Dr. Dr. F. Boudaghi , Psychiatrist, medical doctor and scientist in the field of nuclear physics with general studies in sociology, political science, international law, economy. He studied and worked some years successfully as a research associate and academic advisory council at different, renowned Universities in America and Europe . Professor Boudaghi changed in the private industry later on and worked at different, international, renowned groups and transnational corporations. There he worked as a Chairman, a member of the Directors board and Senior Adviser in the fields of medicine, pharmacy, investment, business consulting, financial services, technology and innovations. Besides he overtook in some cases the function of a political Adviser, among others for international relationships, and he supported some politicians in their electoral campaigns. Before and after the takeover of the American President Barack Obama in January 2009, he stood up, as a supporter of the Democratic Party and Barack Obama in USA, for political dialogue and the peaceful approach between the United States of America and the Near- and Middle East region. Additionally Professor Boudaghi is very involved in some international health care projects. Moreover he is in his private life with his wide spread range of interests and his passion for (old) history, archaeology, art and culture a remarkable patron of the arts, connaisseur and passionate collector.