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Die Suchthilfestiftung

Die Suchthilfestiftung

Foundation Help for Addicts and for People at Risk of Drug Depency to Help Themselves

The Suchthilfestiftung (Addiction Aid Foundation) boosts the social rehabilitation i.a. of addicted mothers who live with their children in a rehab institution. For example, the costs for urgently needed children's rooms equipments have been completely funded by the foundation.

Kinderpalliativzentrum Datteln -

Children's palliative care centre in Datteln

Reduce harm - form life!

The children's palliative care unit at the children's clinic in Datteln reduces harm of seriously ill children and youths and improves the life quality of the whole family.

Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS)

Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS)

Deutsche Gesellschaft für Muskelkranke e.V.

Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) is a very severe disease of the central and peripheric nerv system. It is known for more than 100 years and exists in the whole world. Its cause is unknown, except for the rare hereditary form. Because of the rareness of the disease there exists neither cure nor therapy until today.

Aktion Kinderherzen Erzgebirge -

Aktion Kinderherzen Erzgebirge

Help for children on the less bright side of life

Aktion Kinderherzen Erzgebirge (campaign children's hearts Erzgebirge) cares for children on the less bright side of life, especially children from socially deprived families. The campaign as well cares for children destabilised by accidents in their families.

You are your future - Workshops for youths

You are your future

Workshops for youths

The project plans to offer youths a workshop series with diverse topics like for example sports, arts, job finding, social competencies, theatre etc. So, the young people get a chance to take their future in their own hands.

The Ruhr area shows heart

Bochumer Jungs mit Herz

Warm-hearted people in the Ruhr area

The Bochumer Jungs mit Herz unite citizens of the city of Bochum who link a social duty with their vocational and/or private life. They would like to support social projects in their home town and region.

Kindness for Kids möchte das Leid der Kinder mit einer seltenen Erkrankung lindern

Kindness for Kids

Commitment for the "orphans" of medicine

Rare diseases are often called the orphans of medicine. According to the World Health Organization, disease is rare if less than 5 among 10,000 people are suffering from it. In Germany, there are more than 7,000 known rare diseases.

 Bundesverband Herzkranke Kinder eV

Bundesverband Herzkranke Kinder eV

Vielfältige Hilfe für herzkranke Kinder und deren Familien

Der Bundesverband Herzkranke Kinder eV (BVHK) ist ein Zusammenschluss von zahlreichen bundesweiten Elternvereinen bzw. Regionalgruppen. Der Verein vertritt etwa 3.000 Menschen jeden Lebensalters, die mit angeborenem Herzfehler leben.

 Stiftungsfonds „Kindern Zukunft geben“

Stiftungsfonds „Kindern Zukunft geben“

Kindern Zukunft geben

Der Stiftungsfonds "Kindern Zukunft geben" fördert die Zukunft von Kindern, Jugendlichen und Familien im Bistum Osnabrück. In der Vergangenheit hat der Stiftungsfonds verschiedene Projekte unterstützt, die Kindern und Jugendlichen beispielsweise im Bereich der Sprach- und Kulturförderung zu Gute kamen. 

Für unheilbar kranke Kinder und Jugendliche

Children's hospice Löwenherz

For terminally ill children and youths

In the children's hospice Löwenherz, terminally ill children and youths are welcome with there parents, brothers and sisters. A professional team provides care for the ill children and youths and parents can recover from their daily strain.