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Mut-Perlen project

Mut-Perlen project

Courage pearls as a sign for hope

This project is executed and funded by the non profit organisation Paulis Momente e.V. at the child cancer ward of the universitary hospital Leipzig. It is an individual motivation concept for children and youths suffering from cancer.

Help for the soul: protection and play areas in refugee camps

Help for the soul: protection and play areas in refugee camps

Construction of play and football grounds in refugee camps

In the protection and play areas, traumatized girls and boys get the possibility to play and to learn and if they need, they get psychological assistance. Football contributes to trauma coping and boosts the solidarity.

Mukoviszidose e.V.

Mukoviszidose e.V.

Defeat mucoviscidosis together - Help. Do research. Cure.

Mukoviszidose e.V. helps people suffering from mucoviscidosis and their relatives. The association supports and funds research projects serving the mucoviscidosis therapy and makes sure that people in Germany get the best medical care possible.

Kids to life - Mehr Zukunft für Kinder

Kids to life

More future for children

The Anton Schrobenhauser Foundation kids to life speaks up for deprived children and youths nationally and internationally since its foundation in 2003. 

Bundesverband Kinderhospiz e.V. - creation of a public for the taboo topic "children and death"

Bundesverband Kinderhospiz e.V.

Creating publicity for the taboo subject "children and death"

The Bundesverband Kinderhospiz represents numerous children's hospice institutions all over Germany and speaks up in society in order to inform the public about the taboo subject "children and death". Furthermore. it helps to get those children and families out of the social aside.

The aim of the foundation is to fight against NCL and to make healing possible

Save the brain

For a future without children's dementia

With the help of the project "Save-the-Brain", the broad public shall be informed about children's dementia and at the same time, donations for the development of a drug shall be collected.

Empowerment von Jugendlichen

AKOMA Education & Culture

Empowerment of youths

AKOMA Education & Culture was founded in 2014 and develops and realises cultural and political education projects for children and youths.

People help people

Taubenväter - Menschen helfen Menschen Gevelsberg e.V.

People help the people

The generation and confession comprehensive association Taubenväter supports all kindergartens in Gevelsberg, as well as regional charitable organisations, special schools, foundations, hospices and animal shelters.

Vienna's mobile children's hospice MOMO

Vienna's mobile children's hospice MOMO

Care for children on their last path of life

Vienna's mobile children's hospice MOMO accompanies children on their last path of life and makes it possible to spend as much time as possible there, where the most valuable time lives: at home.

The charity of Radio Hamburg

Hörer helfen Kindern e.V.

The donation action of Radio Hamburg

With the support of numerous donators, Radio Hamburg makes sure that Hamburg's future does not end up in the street. In the framework of their social action, Hörer helfen Kindern collects donations for children in need in Hamburg.