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The project ensures the medical care and clarifies about HIV and AIDS

AIDS awareness project in South Africa

With education and enlightenment against HIV and AIDS

The HIV/AIDS infection rate in the east of South Africa is almost at 40 per cent and thus the highest in the whole country: AIDS especially affects the working generation. The Kindernothilfe boosts a project offering a new home to more than 2,400 affected grils and boys.

School education for the children in Kenya - Education is the way out of poverty

Education for children in Kenya

Education is the way out of poverty

As school attendance in Kenya is liable with costs and many parents cannot afford school fees or school clothing, there is no way out of poverty. Humanitas activa e.V. offers a chance for a better life with their project "Education for children in Kenya".

The foundation supports national and international activities and stands by the weaker people

Udo Lindenberg Foundation

The Udo Lindenberg Foundation supports young musicians and songwriters

The Udo Lindenberg Foundation supports young songwriters and musicians with competitions in order to discover new ways against mainstream, write provoking texts and not to adapt to superstar dross.

Help for people with disabilities but also for people who got in trouble without their own fault

Franz Beckenbauer Foundation

Financial and consultative support for people in need

The Franz Beckenbauer Foundation supports people with mental or physical disabilities, but also people who in need through no fault on their own. They get help unbureaucratically, fast and targeted on the individual case.

Das Projekt YOUNGSTER akademie am Borsigplatz ist eines der Leuchtturmprojekte der BVB-Stiftung leuchte auf

YOUNGSTER akademie am Borsigplatz

Creative development at the Borsigplatz

One of the main projects of the BVB foundation "leuchte auf" is the YOUNGSTER akademie at the Borsigplatz. This place, Borussia Dortmund's cradle, is a urban district with diverse social challenges.

HILFE-FÜR-JUNGS e.V. - For boys and young men


For boys and young men

Since 1994, the association HILFE-FÜR-JUNGS from Berlin supports boys and young men affected or threatened by sexual abuse and exploitation. The main aim is to strenghten the children's rights of boys on a life without sexual violence.

Sustainable water supply for families in Amhara

Water for Ethiopia

Sustainable water supply for families in Amhara

Plan ensures with its project "Water for Ethiopia" the sustainable water supply for children and their families in the region of Amhara. Besides an improvement of the hygiene situation, the organisation fights against deficits in equality of men and women.

Children are our future

World Childhood Foundation

Children are our future

Children are our future. Convinced by this statement, Queen Silvia of Sweden founded with 14 co-founders the WORLD CHILDHOOD FOUNDATION in 1999. The aim of the foundation is to improve the life situations of vulnerable, exploited and poor children worldwide.

Help for the people affected by the typhoon Haiyan

Emergency aid for the Philippines

Help for the people affected by the typhoon Haiyan

The typhoon Haiyan has left a swath of destruction at the Philippines. Almost six millions of children are affected, reams of them do not have a home any more. UNICEF helps and provides clear water, hygiene and drugs.

Free workshops for girls and young women suffering from cancer


Free make up workshops for girls and woman suffering from cancer

Cancer leaves its marks: hair loss, skin irritations and the loss of eyelashes and eyebrows often are the outside concomitants of a cancer therapy. "look good feel better", the beauty workshop of DKMS LIFE for young cancer patients, helps girls and young women in the age of ten to 21 to see herselves again and not only cancer in the mirror.