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Children's Help Centre Düsseldorf

Children's Help Centre Düsseldorf - A Home for Children and Youths

The children's help centre in Düsseldorf-Pempelfort is an institution of the municipal youth welfare service which gives a home to more than 100 children and youths. The aim is to support families that cannot sufficiently care for their children because of individual or social strain situations or when the development or health of their children is vulnerable. With the knowledge and experience of the employees, the self-confidence of the children, youths and families shall be improved. They shall be supported in the development of their development and the creation of a self-determined life. In order to realize these aims, the foundation for the children's help centre in Düsseldorf administrates the assets of the foundation. The members of the foundation are long-term members of the friends of the children's help centre, being voluntarily active in diverse functions.